What We Do

SOLUTIONS - JP Oil has a unique ability to quickly recognize and test attractive opportunities and to solve oil field issues by acting decisively in implementing solutions.  JP Oil acquires the knowledge necessary to develop the best strategies and solutions for resolving complex operational issues and exploiting new CAPEX opportunities.  JP Oil has the operational expertise, experienced staff and in-house well-servicing capabilities to efficiently execute its own plans in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

FABRICATION - JP Oil owns a large-scale repair and fabrication facility. Company mechanics conduct the business of everyday general equipment repairs and maintenance along with large scale repairs such as overhauls and complete refurbishment and reassembly of large rigs, engines, pumps and compressors. Few oil companies today have the skills and resources available for this capability.

REVITALIZATION - We strategically acquire high-potential, mature oil and gas properties and maximize their value through detailed reservoir analysis, operational improvements, focused redevelopment and proper application of enhanced recovery technologies