About Us

about-us-picJP Oil was founded in 1975 starting with the meager assets of three stripper wells acquired in a trade for used oil field pipe. Since then, JP Oil has evolved into a highly successful independent oil company, currently operating nearly two hundred active wells in approximately 30 significant oil and gas field properties across several states.

The company has grown through strategic acquisition of high-potential, mature oil and gas properties along with systematic maximization of their value through detailed reservoir analysis, operational improvements, focused redevelopment and proper application of enhanced recovery technologies. This growth has been accomplished while minimizing risk and overhead.

JP Oil has a unique ability to quickly recognize and test attractive opportunities and to solve oil field issues by acting decisively in implementing solutions. JP Oil acquires the knowledge necessary to develop the best strategies and solutions for resolving complex operational issues and exploiting new CAPEX opportunities. JP Oil has the operational expertise, experienced staff and in-house well-servicing capabilities to efficiently execute its own plans in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

JP Oil's typical acquisition targets include properties that do not fit the current operator's strategy, strengths, skills or experience. In these situations, such properties may be purchased at a discounted price relative to the market. JP Oil has a long history of successfully revitalizing properties of this nature. As JP Oil's operations have increased through continued acquisitions and organic growth, the company has consistently developed the skills and experience required for continually replicating success.