Lance Creek Field

Niobrara County, Wyoming

Situated along the southeastern side of Wyoming along the eastern rim of the Powder River Basin, Lance Creek Field was discovered in 1918 and has produced nearly 108 MMbbl of oil from eight producing horizons. The field is capable of producing approximately 200 b/d when all wells are producing. In the last several years, JP Oil has been returning wells to production that have been dormant since the field was acquired in 1996. Utilizing Carbon-Oxygen logs to identify bypassed hydrocarbons has enabled wells to produce again at paying quantities with a significant reduction in produced water. These wells were producing 3 b/d and 3,000 BWPD with the previous producer, and shut in just prior to JP Oil taking over operations. Using the Carbon-Oxygen log and completing to the "sweet spots," these same wells soon were producing 15 to 20 b/d and 700 BWPD. To date, JP Oil has successfully done this in five wells within the field. Within a year, the wells gradually decline in production and level off to about a 10 b/d rate with 700 BWPD but continue to produce at profitable levels. This technique also significantly reduces the amount of horsepower to artificially lift these wells which in turn lowers the operating cost. There are about 20 additional wells that this can be performed on. JP Oil has also been able to tap into the Lakota Gas Sand in Lance Creek. Back in the 1940s and 1950s, gas was injected into the Lakota Sand for storage, not to be used again. The Carbon- Oxygen Log helped identify these reserves as well. The gas is now used as fuel to operate the field, thus requiring very little electricity to be purchased. Major production facility modifications have been made to the field to both improve operations and to reduce chances of environmental impact.

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