Rio Bravo Field

Kern County, California

Rio Bravo Field is one of three California fields acquired in 1996 by JP Oil. The field was discovered in 1937 and heavily developed during World War II, and it has since produced 117 MMbbl of oil and 132 Bcf of gas. The large integrated oil company operators and owners of the past had in many ways written this field off by the late 1980s. It was sold to a Canadian company in 1992 that selected a California independent company operator to pump it. Under these operations, field oil production slipped into a 22% decline which persisted from mid-1992 to the end of 1999. Field production had slid to less than 50 b/d and gas sales had dropped to zero prior to JP Oil's field improvements and CAPEX work.

For the past seven years under JP Oil's operatorship, oil production has been on a 17% incline and gas production has been on a 23% incline. Click here for production. The company took a fresh look at the field, recognized unique but key reservoir dynamic relationships and employed a variety of strategies and tactics to achieve the above average results. This included CAPEX well work such as acid stimulation treatments and returning long term idle wells to production, as well as recompletions back down to the original Unitized Field sands.

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