White Castle Field

Iberville Parish, Louisiana

White Castle Field was discovered by a major oil company in the early 40s and was acquired by JP Oil in December 2001. The field has three distinct producing horizons. The shallow production producing above 3,000 ft.; the mid-depths producing from 5000 to 6500 ft. and the deep production producing from depths below 10,000 ft. Most wells contain multi pay sands and production is artificially lifted by gas lift. The field was producing just over 250 b/d and 700 Mscf/d when JP Oil took over operations in December 2002. Through several successful workovers, the field currently produces a steady average of 340 b/d and 300 Mscf/d with many additional opportunities left to explore. The field has also been upgraded with new tanks and equipment. Excess equipment no longer needed for future utility has also been removed. White Castle Field is now one of JP Oil's premier properties and can be considered its showcase Louisiana property. The field is located five miles southwest of White Castle, La.

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